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Finding data




Amadeus provides ten years of financial information on approximately 300.000 European large or very large companies. The database also contains basic information on 9 million small or medium sized European companies. This includes both listed and unlisted companies. Information on shareholders, subsidiaries and board members is also included. Amadeus does not contain data on banks or insurance companies!

Documentation and manuals

A good online manual is provided with the database. This covers both content & functionality. Bureau van Dijk offers a good introductory movie on how to use the database.

Other information

A specific industry code conversion tool is also available within the database.

Practical information on using this database is also available at the following blogs:

Amadeus (Historical) DVD coverage

We have the option to access the offline December (DVD) editions of Amadeus for 2007 to present. Financial data is available for the last 10 years on each DVD. The databases can be searched using company name, personnel size and sector. Specific sections are available with some basic financial information, information on ownership and the board & directors.

Our Amadeus license includes detailed financial data for about 300.000 companies (all DVDs) and some basic data for a few million companies (DVD 2010-2015).

Amadeus Does NOT contain data on Banks or Insurance companies!

If you need data from these historical DVDs you can send a request to Research Data Services: