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Datastream discontinued, replaced by Factset

The VU currently subscribes to Thomson Reuters Datastream. However, the Datastream software has become outdated, and is not compatible with modern operating systems. Datastream, which also includes Worldscope and Asset4 ESG, will soon be phased out, and will be replaced with Factset. Factset will be available for students and faculty from January 2019. Datastream will be available for students until January 2019. Datastream will still be available on a limited number of computers at the Library in January and February 2019 as a last resort. From March onwards, Datastream will not be available anywhere at the VU. IBES data will remain available, but only on the WRDS platform. Access to SDC Platinum will remain unchanged.

More information on Factset will be made available here, and through the Library website.


Access to Datastream requires software that is only available on specific computers on campus. The software involves the Datastream Add-in for Microsoft Excel.

Due to technical difficulties, Datastream is currently only available at the following locations:

  • 5B-06 (main building);
  • 1A-01J (main building).

Datastream software is installed at other locations as well, but might not work properly there.

Teachers, lecturers, and researchers can access the Datastream database from their own computer on campus. Contact the UC IT helpdesk (020-59 80000) if you want to have the Datastream software installed on your computer. This can only be done if your computer is categorized as ‘green’ or ‘orange’.


Datastream is an international database with time series data such as stock exchange data, official company data, credit ratings and macro-economic information. This includes free (open) data but also licensed data from other data providers. Below is a brief overview of data that is available at the university.

Database Description

Asset4 ESG

The database provides environmental, social and governance (ESG) information based on more than 250 key performance indicators and over 750 individual data points along with their original data sources. Asset4 currently covers more than 6000 listed companies worldwide.


Global market data. This includes macroeconomic data on countries as well as microdata such as prices, commodities, exchange rates, options, futures, and derivatives.


I/B/E/S/ provides current and historical consensus and forecasts from security analysts, for companies worldwide. Forecast data items include earnings per share, revenue, cash flow, long-term growth projections, and stock recommendations. I/B/E/S/ can be searched using the Datastream interface.


This database contains financial information on approximately 80.000 companies worldwide. Annual report data goes back to the 1980s.

Documentation and manuals

Other information