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Finding data


Please follow the link above to make sure you arrive at the correct page. Compustat is accessed through the Wharton Research Data Service (WRDS) interface. To get access, you need to enter your institutional email address (that is, the email address ending in '') on the WRDS home page. You will receive your login credentials from WRDS by mail, usually within a few minutes.


Compustat (Capital IQ) is a collection of databases with company data.

Database Description
ExecuComp ExecuComp contains data on salaries and compensation of executives.The database starts in 1992 and covers only listed companies from the index S&P 1500.
Global It provides financial and market data on more than 80 countries. The currency of the financial data for each country can be different. The financial data goes back to approximately 1987.
North America North America contains financial information on companies from America and Canada. All data is in US dollars and goes back to approximately 1950.

Documentation and manuals

Several good manuals are available in the Support section of the WRDS platform. These include an online manual and two specific content guides: ‘Understanding the data’, and ‘Using the data’.

Other information

The links below provide some practical information on using Compustat: