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Finding data

SDC Platinum


The SDC Platinum software and databases are only available on two computers on the first floor of the Library. The login code is "SDC". A reservation is possible during library opening hours, and for two hours at a time. Reservations can be made by contacting Research Data Services: +31 (0)20-59 85166, or Book a computer seat online. When you have made a reservation it will be noted in a digital agenda.

Please note: You may need to adjust some settings on the SDC computers for the software to work correctly. Please follow the guidelines in this manual.

Please note also: Due to COVID19 restrictions, these SDC computers are currently more difficult to access. Notify Library desk staff at arrival and departure, and respect reservation times.


SDC consists of three modules:

Module Description

Mergers & Acquisitions

This source allows researching of US targets from 1979 and non-US targets from 1985.

Global New Issues (equities and bonds)

This source provides research on US public offerings from 1970 to the present and international offerings from 1983 to present.

Venture Capital (VentureXpert)

Industry resources (funds, firms, portfolio companies, individuals) & Industry Statistics.

Documentation and manuals

Other information