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Finding data

Statistics Netherlands (CBS)



Statistics Netherlands (in Dutch: Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek, or CBS) is responsible for collecting, processing, and publishing statistics for use by policymakers and for scientific research. In addition to its responsibility for (official) national statistics, Statistics Netherlands also has the task of producing European (community) statistics. The data are available through several public websites.

Website Description
CBS Open Data This website covers all statistics of the CBS organization that have been published and are now digitized. Over two centuries of statistics are now available. Data is made available for easy download in an open data format and can therefore easily be reused for research.
CBS StatLine Statline is the database of Statistics Netherlands.
CBS Historisch This website covers older publications & statistics that are now digitized. Over two centuries of statistics are available.
Census (‘Volkstellingen’) Special website on population statistics for the Netherlands. All tables and statistics that have been published between 1795 and 1971 are now digitized and made available.