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Finding data

A companium to financial and socio-economic data such as Compustat, Factset, SDC Platinum, WRDS, and CRSP

SDC Platinum

The SDC Platinum software and databases are only available on two computers in the library. Both computers are located on the sixth floor of the main campus building: HG 6B-01. The login code is “SDC”. You can book a time slot for an SDC computer on-line.

Please note: You may need to adjust some settings on the SDC computers for the software to work correctly. Please follow the guidelines in this manual.


Securities Data Company (SDC) Platinum™ is an online historical financial transactions database that provides detailed financial transaction information available on new issues, M&A, bonds, syndicated loans, private equity, and project finance.. The SDC Platinum subscription at the VU covers four modules:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    This source allows researching of US targets from 1979 and non-US targets from 1985. The M&A data includes also data on privatizations, Buyouts, recapitalizations, etc.There is a separate Joint Ventures & Alliances database as well. Smaller repurchase transactions are available in the separate database Repurchases
  • Global New Issues (equities and bonds)
    This source provides research on US public offerings from 1970 to the present and international offerings from 1983 to present. The data includes both original Ipo's as well as secondary offerings, and also includes, bonds, warrants, etc. A separate part database covers specific syndicated loans data
  • Venture Capital (VentureXpert)
    The data is available in different part databases that cover investment funds, fund management firms, and portfolio companies, Individual performance level data for funds is not avallable. Industry Statistics data is also very limited. Specific sections cover Limited Partners and Executives
  • Global Public Finance
    The database covers data on publicly finance on different levels: country, district, and municipal. A separate section covers Project Finance type data

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