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Finding data

SDC Platinum


The SDC Platinum software & databases are only available on two computers on the first floor of the Library. The login code is SDC. A reservation is possible for two hours at a time. Reservations can be made by contacting Research Data Services: +31 (0)20-59 85166 or When you have made a reservation it will be noted in a digital agenda. This agenda can also be used to check if the SDC computers are available. Check the reservations here.


SDC consists of three modules:

Module Description


This source allows researching of US targets from 1979 and non-US targets from 1985.

Global New Issues (equities and bonds)

This source provides research on US public offerings from 1970 to the present and international offerings from 1983 to present.

Venture Capital (VentureXpert)

Industry resources (funds, firms, portfolio companies, individuals) & Industry Statistics.

Documentation and manuals

Other information

ThomsonOne Private Equity Module


Online. Only four people can log on simultaneously! If you are unable to access the database, please try again at a later time or use the SDC Platinum Windows-based VentureXpert producton campus.

This source only works well with Internet Explorer, but you need to change some settings:

  1. Adjust the settings of the IE software.
    See the file you can download here for the settings. You can use this Diagnostics link to test if you have changed it according to the reccommendations. The tool requires the installation of a small application on the computer: you need to be able to install it to test your settings! If you can not test or adjust the IE seetings you can contact the IT department: 020-59 80000, email:
  2. Use ThomsonOne in IE compatibility mode.
    The product was originally designed for IE 8/9 and will not work perfectly under later versions of the IE software.


The ThomsonOne Private equity module is a web-based version of the SDC Platinum database VentureXpert. ThomsonOne has information on private equity deals, fund performance, and firm & portfolio investments.