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Finding data

A guide to financial and socio-economic data such as Compustat, LSEG Workspace, SDC Platinum, WRDS, and CRSP


News: database changes in 2024

Starting in January 2024, the library will provide access to the LSEG Workspace (formerly Refinitiv) web based platform & software. This comprehensive platform includes Eikon Datastream and will serve as a replacement for the existing Factset database and the Orbis Europe (Bureau van Dijk) database. Additionally, all current SDC Platinum data modules, as well as the IBES database will transition to the Workspace platform

What to expect from this LibGuide?

This LibGuide will help you to find data you need for your research in business and economics, and related fields. It has general information on translating your research question into data requirements, and gives information on useful sources for specific types of data.

What not to expect from this LibGuide?

You should not expect extensive manuals for specific data sources here, although there are links to documentation and manuals where available. Use this LibGuide to decide which data sources could be useful for your work, not as a manual for how to work with those data sources. If you have questions on how best to organize your data, how to combine different data sets, or other questions on working with data, you may find the Libguide on Working with data useful.

The list of resources in this guide is not exhaustive. A more complete list of resources available at the VU (not limited to business and economics) can be found here.

Who is this LibGuide for?

This LibGuide is designed for students writing empirical research papers, such as bachelor's or master's theses. However, the information in the guide can also be useful for PhD candidates or more senior researchers.

Given the nature of most of the databases mentioned, this guide was written with students of economics, finance, or organisational sciences in mind. Of course, the information presented here can be useful in other fields as well!