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Finding data


Below you find an overview of the available data sources with macroeconomic data. Some of these sources are licensed sources and can only be used by students or researchers at VU University. Most sources can be accessed from home. If you need instructions on how to gain access you can check the information in the library web site.

The list below presents only the primary sources available at the VU. For a more complete list that also includes some publicly available sources, use the full list of data sources on the library website. More information on these databases can be accessed through the tabs in the menu on the left.

Before you start downloading data from databases it is a good idea to read through the Libguide on Working with data.

Data Source Description
Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

Statistics Netherlands provides data on many different topics. Aggregated data are freely available. The data can be accessed through several different portals and websites; see the CBS tab for more information.

Datastream not only provides company and market information, but also has time series data for many macroeconomic indicators.

Access requires specific Datastream software that is only available on specific computers on campus.


FRED is short for Federal Reserve Economic Data. It is the website of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis on Economic Research. Through the website it is possible to use over 236,000 US and international time series from 68 sources. The website also offers access to the Federal Reserve Archive data (Fraser).

International Organizations

Many organizations offer interesting datasets through their websites. Much of the data is Open Data, meaning that anyone can get access and does need to pay to download and use it. The organizations that offer (part of) their data for free include: Eurostat, International Monetary Fund, OECD, and the World Bank.