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Manage your publications in Pure

This guide will assist you on adding and enriching your publications in Pure

Publication type and category

Template and type

As long as your publication has not been validated by you local Pure administrator (see workflow status) you can still change the template and type of your publication, using the Change template button on the top-right of the screen.

Once the publication has been validated you will only be able change the type within the template.

For example: you will be able to change a Contribution to journal from Article to Erratum, but you will not be able to change it into a Book chapter. You can contact your local Pure-administrator if a change in template is required.

Publication category and Peer-review

The publication category refers to the target audience:

  • Academic: aimed at fellow academics (to propagate academic knowledge)
  • Professional: aimed at professionals in the public and private sector
  • Popular: aimed at the general public

The peer-review field will appear if the publications category was set to academic and if it is relevant for the publication type.

A publication is deemed peer reviewed if it was submitted to a review process by one or more independent experts in the field of publication.

This might also include the review by an editorial board of a journal, edited book or conference proceedings, as long at it can be made plausible that the members are experts in the field and that they can give their opinion independently.

When there is any doubt about the above, the status should be set to Not peer-reviewed.