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Manage your publications in Pure

This guide will assist you on adding and enriching your publications in Pure

Electronic versions of a publication

Under the header Electronic version(s), and related files and links you can add documents and links related to your publication.

Electronic versions of the publication

This can be either a DOI-link or a regular URL leading to the full-text OR an actual file containing the full-text document.

This LibGuide has a separate page on how to  how to upload a full-text file in Pure.

You can add a DOI or URL in a similar fashion, taking note of the following:

  • Only add the DOI itself (starting with 10.*) do not put " " in front; Pure will take care of that.
  • Make sure the URL is as simple and permanent as possible; not including tokens or search terms.
  • Only choose Access status = Open if it concerns an actual Open Access publication (publication in an Open Access journal or with an Open Access license)


Other links

Use this option to add URLs that are related to the publication, but do not offer access to the publication full-text.

Those links will become visible on the VU Research Portal.

Other files

Use this option to add files that are related to the publication, but do not contain the full-text itseld.

Those files will not be shown on the VU Research Portal.