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Manage your publications in Pure

This guide will assist you on adding and enriching your publications in Pure

Enter a supervised PhD-thesis in Pure

NOTE: VU PhD theses are managed by the University Library - contact Library Pure Support if a supervised thesis is missing from your profile.


In addition, you may want to add supervised PhD theses from other universities to your profile.

The problem in doing this, is that Pure automatically adds you as one of the contributors and you cannot undo this, therefore please use the following workaround:


  • Choose Add Content > Research output > Create from template
  • Select PhD Thesis > PhD Thesis - Research ***, graduation external

  • Add the PhD-candidate as a contributing author as described here.
  • Enter the publication metadata, including a supervisor relation to own person record in Pure.
  • Save the publication record with workflow status Entry in progress to prevent it from being shown online.

  • Go to the publication and use the Disclaim function to ask Library Pure Support to remove you as a contributor, mentioning it concerns a Thesis Supervision.