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Manage your publications in Pure

This guide will assist you on adding and enriching your publications in Pure

Publications status and date

Pure allows you to set the following publications statuses in chronological order:


In preparation - publication is not yet ready to be submitted for publication

Submitted - publication has been submitted for publication

Accepted / In Press - publication has been accepted by a publisher, but is not yet publicly available

E-pub ahead of print - publication has been published online in advance of print publication

Published - final publication status of the publication - either in print or online.

Unpublished - used for 'unpublished' conference papers or posters OR for withdrawn publications.


'Online only' publications should get Published as their final status; not E-pub ahead of print.

Publications with status In preparation or Submitted will NOT be shown in the VU Research Portal - see criteria for portal visibility.


For each status you can set the accompanying date (year is mandatory) following the above chronological order.

Once a publication has been validated you can no longer change an existing publication status; you can only add a new status and date. Contact your local Pure-administrator if an existing publication status or date should be corrected.