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Manage your personal profile in Pure

This guide will help you update your personal profile page in the VU Research Portal

Add free text to describe your academic activities

Where should I go?

In the Metadata tab scroll down to Curriculum and research description


Click Add profile information and choose one of the headers.

General editorial guidelines
  • Try to keep your texts as concise as possible; preferably use a maximum of 300 words in total for personal information, research and teaching.
  • Focus on your most important achievements. What do you want to be known for?
  • Use the appropriate naming conventions, as indicated in the guidelines for Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and ACTA.
  • Use the up-and-down arrows to maintain the order of the headers as listed below.

Note: ACTA has specific guidelines for Pure, as indicated in the online guidelines at the bottom of Manage your research profile in Pure

Header specific editorial guidelines

Personal information

Describe your academic career

Indicate your current position (chair, if applicable), former positions and any external academic positions. Indicate where and when you did your PhD .

You may indicate important milestones or awards, like a KNAW membership.You may mention University Teaching Qualifications, such as BKO, SKO or LOL.


Describe your current research activities

Use keywords that describe your research focus

You can add a short narrative describing your research and research methods.

You may also mention PhD coaching you're involved in.

Use keywords describing the societal impact of your research.

Do not enter a list of publications, you can however highlight activities like prestigious grants or editorships.


Describe your teaching activities

Indicate the educational programmes you’re involved in and what your specialization is. You may also mention external teaching activities.

Mention prestigious teaching awards or grants you received.

Use keywords describing the societal impact of your teaching activities.

Do not enter a list of courses, unless updated regularly.

Ancillary activities

Ancillary activities are sourced into Pure from the HR-system on a daily basis.


To add or update ancillary activities, go to: Service Portal: Ancillary activities > Open self service

Indicate that you give permission for publication of the ancillary activity if you want it to be included in Pure.

Registration in the Service Portal is required to obtain formal consent from your supervisor.

Please remove ancillary activities that you have added manually in Pure, after making sure they have been imported from the HR-system. If you have entered activities here that are not eligible for registration in the HR-system you can add them as as content items: Add content > Activity



The following headers have been switched off in Pure on 1 July 2022:

  • Grants - can be added under the content type Prizes in Pure. Prestigious grants may be mentioned in under the headers Research or Teaching.
  • Prizes and Awards - can be added under the content type Prizes in Pure. Prestigious prizes may be mentioned in under the headers Research or Teaching.
  • Education - can be added under Metadata > Education / Qualification in your personal profile.

Existing texts with these headers can still be updated or deleted and are still shown in your online profile

Adding in-text links to profile text fields

This allows  you to add links within the profile information text to connect to other websites with relevant information.

Select the text which should have a link associated with it and click the link symbol

Insert the URL in the Link URL field and click Insert