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Manage your personal profile in Pure

This guide will help you update your personal profile page in the VU Research Portal

Pure personal profile - FAQ

Why can I not log on to Pure?

This can happen for multiple reasons:

  • Your VU appointment ended more than 90 days ago - please contact your local Pure manager for changes to be made.
  • You are not listed in the VU HR-system with an academic job title. If you are participating in VU research though, you can ask your local Pure manager to apply for an account.
  • If the reasons above do not apply, there may be a problem with loading your data from the HR-system: contact Library Pure Support

How can I change my name in Pure?

Your default name in Pure is sourced from the HR-system and should be changed there if incorrect.

To change you partner name: go to VU Service Portal: Request something > My personal data > Personal information

To change your birth name: contact the HRM Servicedesk ,

In addition Pure allows you to add several name variants, one of which is your Known as name: your name as it is shown in the VU Research Portal. 

For more instructions, see Name variants

My academic title in Pure is incorrect, how can I change this?

Pure sources your academic title(s) from the HR-system.

If missing or incorrect, go to: VUnet > Services > Personnel > Change my personal details

In VUnet you can edit the following fields under the header Personal data:

Title: imported into Pure as Pre-nominal title

2nd Title: imported into Pure as Post-nominal title

How can I add my contact information to my online profile?

  • Log on to Pure - - using your VUnetID.
  • Choose Edit profile to open the Profile editor window.
  • Scroll down to organisations affiliations and Edit a current affiliation.
  • Choose Physical addresses to add your visiting address and / or postal address.
  • Choose Electronic addresses to add your phone number or web page.

Don't forget to click Update in both the address box and the affiliation editor and to click Save in the personal profile editor.

Why should I add my Scopus Author ID to Pure?

Your Scopus Author ID helps Pure to:

  • Find your publications in Scopus
  • Match imported publications to your personal profile.

A Scopus Author ID may already have been added by Library staff or your local Pure Administrator.

Find out how to add your Scopus Author ID to Pure

Why should I add my ORCiD to Pure?

  • Your publications in Pure will automatically be exported to your ORCiD profile on a daily basis.
  • You will have the option to import your publications from your ORCiD profile to Pure.

Visit our ORCiD LibGuide to find out how you can create an ORCiD from Pure or link an existing ORCiD.

How can I hide the world map from my online profile?

  • Log on to Pure - - using your VUnetID.
  • Choose Edit profile to open the Profile editor window.
  • Navigate to the Portal profile tab in the left hand menu.
  • Toggle Off the collaboration map

How can I change my organisational affiliations in Pure?

There are two types of organisational affiliations in Pure:

  • Affiliations to a faculty department or section - those are imported from the VU HR-system.

If data are incorrect or missing, make sure this information is updated in the HR-system. The changes should automatically be sourced into Pure. If this does not happen correctly, contact the Pure Support Team.

  • Affiliations to a research institute or research program.

Common practice is that this type of affiliation is submitted by your local Pure manager for entry in Pure by the University Library. If data are incorrect or missing, ask your local Pure manager to forward your request to the University Library Pure administrators.

How can I hide an affiliation from my online profile?

You can choose to hide one or more of your organisational affiliations if you consider them to be irrelevant for your online profile.

  • Log on to Pure - - using your VUnetID.
  • Choose Edit profile to open the Profile editor window.
  • Navigate to the Portal profile tab in the left hand menu.
  • Uncheck the affiliation you want to hide.

How can I highlight publications or other content in Pure?

The Overview tab of your personal profile - by default - displays the 5 most recent items of each content type.

You can replace this with a selection of your own choice:

  • Log on to Pure - - using your VUnetID.
  • Choose Edit profile to open the Profile editor window.
  • Navigate to the Highlighted Content tab in the left hand menu.
  • Choose the type of content you wish to highlight.
  • Click the icon with the plus sign and search for the content you wish to highlight.
  • If you have selected multiple items you can use the arrows to change the order of the items.

There is a maximum of 5 items for each content type. If you select less than 5 items, Pure will complement your selection with the most recent items.

What is my Fingerprint exactly and how can I change it?

Your Fingerprint in Pure is an index of weighted terms (concepts) generated by text mining of:

  1. the abstracts of your publications.
  2. the free-text field with the header Research that can be added under  Add profile information.

The fingerprint of your Research description is combined with your publications fingerprint on a 50/50 basis


To omit fingerprints from your profile:

  • Log on to Pure - - using your VUnetID.
  • Choose Edit profile to open the Profile editor window.
  • Navigate to the Fingerprints tab in the left hand menu.
  • Toggle off either individual concepts or a complete subject group.

How can I change my ancillary activities in Pure?

Ancillary activities are sourced into Pure from the VU HR-system on a daily basis.

You will find them in your profile in a separate header under Curriculum and Research description.

Please do NOT register ancillary activities directly in Pure.

To view, register, amend, or discontinue ancillary activities, you need to go to the self-service option. 

  • Registration via the self-service option is required to obtain formal approval from your manager.
  • Indicate that you give permission for publication of the ancillary activity if you want it to be included in Pure.

More information you find on the page Ancillary activities on

Please remove ancillary activities that you have added manually in Pure, after making sure they have been imported from the HR-system. If you have entered activities here that are not eligible for registration in the HR-system you can add them as as content items: Add content > Activity

Can I add hyperlinks to the text fields of my online profile?

Yes you can.

This refers to the free-text fields you can add under the header Curriculum and research description

  • Click Add profile information and choose one of the headers
  • Select the text which should have a link associated with it and click the link symbol

  • Insert the URL in the Link URL field and click Insert

How can I set an automated search for publications in Pure?

You can set automated searches for your publications from the last 2 years in several online sources:

 Scopus / PubMed / Web of Science / ORCID / Mendeley / ArXiv

  • Log on to Pure - - using your VUnetID.
  • Choose Edit profile to open the Profile editor window.
  • Navigate to the Automated Search tab in the left hand menu and toggle On to set the search in the source of your choice.

​Searches will be performed every 7 days.

View more instructions


Why should I use Scopus as the primary source for my publications?

  • Pure will use Scopus author IDs for matching authors to personal profiles in Pure, preventing mismatches of authors with common names.
  • Scopus metadata includes indexed external organizations which will improve the network of your profile (collaboration map)
  • Publication abstracts are included, which will help to improve the Fingerprint of your profile.