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Manage your personal profile in Pure

This guide will help you update your personal profile page in the VU Research Portal

Update an existing project in Pure

Start editing
  • Go to projects in your Personal overview
  • Select a project and click on the pencil icon to start editing


Some notes
  • If you cannot edit a field, this means it was sourced in from the VU project control system.

If the project is active: ask project control to make the change - this should become visible in Pure the next day.

If the project is not active: ask the Library Pure Support Team to make the change.

  • Make sure to add related publications and other content to your project:

Set visibility and workflow status

If you have finalized the entry of your project in Pure and want show it online:

  • Set the visibilty status to "Public - No restriction".
  • Set the workflow status to "For approval".


Your project will appear online in the VU Research Portal once it has been approved by the Pure administrator of your department or faculty.