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Manage your personal profile in Pure

This guide will help you update your personal profile page in the VU Research Portal

Name variants in Pure


Your default name in Pure is sourced from the HR-system and should be changed there if incorrect.

To change your partner name, go to: Service Portal: My personal data > Personal information > Open Self service

To change your birth name: contact the HRM Servicedesk.


In addition Pure allows you to set the following name variants:


  • Known as name: your name as it is shown in the VU Research Portal.

The First name field is pre-filled with your nickname / roepnaam from the HR-system, but you can update this in Pure.


  • Publishing name variants: use this to add different name variants you have used in your publications.

Adding them will help Pure to relate imported publications to your personal profile.

Pure will use the first publishing name you enter as the default publishing name which will automatically be selected when you manually enter a publication in Pure.


  • Sort name: determines where your name shows up in alphabetical listings in the VU Research Portal.

This field is pre-filled with your default name from the HR-system with the prefix placed after the last name (e.g. "Vries, de)

You can change this yourself in Pure, but you may want to align this within your faculty or department.  


Click Add name variant and choose a type: