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Manage your personal profile in Pure

This guide will help you update your personal profile page in the VU Research Portal

Fingerprint and Keywords




Your Fingerprint in Pure is an index of weighted terms (concepts) generated by text mining of:

  1. the abstracts of your publications
  2. the free-text field with the header Research that can be added under  Add profile information

The fingerprint of your Research description is combined with your publications fingerprint on a 50/50 basis.


To omit fingerprints from your profile:

  • Navigate to the Fingerprints tab in the left hand menu
  • Toggle off either individual concepts or a complete subject group


It is not possible to add fingerprints yourself. Alternatively, you can add your own user-defined keywords.




Navigate to the Metadata tab in the left hand menu and scroll down to Keywords.

Choose: User Created Keywords to add keywords of your own choice