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Manage your personal profile in Pure

This guide will help you update your personal profile page in the VU Research Portal

Add your profile photo

Metadata tab > Personal Identification > Profile photos

Upload a recent portrait photo of professional quality.

recommended settings:

  • maximum file size 1 MB.
  • aspect ratio 4 x 5 (w x h) - 
  • 400 x 500 pixels
  • medium close-up
  • jpeg-format


Click Add File and drag file or browse your computer to add your profile photo:

To change your profile photo in Pure: upload the new file and then remove the previous one.

Add a link to your personal website

Metadata tab > Personal Identification > Links


Click Add Link and choose Link type: 'Personal':

Edit the presentation of your name

Metadata tab > Personal Identification > Name variant


You can edit your name as shown in the Scientist Pages and the VU Research Portal.

  • Under name variants - select Known as name.
  • Update the field(s) that should be different from the name fields that are shown on top.

If you leave a name field open, it will be supplemented from the name fields on top that are synchronized with HR-system.

Academic title


Pure sources your academic title(s) from the HR-system.

If missing or incorrect, go to: Service Portal: My personal data > Personal information > Open Self service

In the Self Service you can edit the following fields under the header Personal data:

Title: imported into Pure as Pre-nominal title.

2nd Title: imported into Pure as Post-nominal title.


Organisational affiliations in Pure


There are two types of organisational affiliations in Pure:

  • Affiliations to a faculty department or section - those are imported from the HR-system.

If data are incorrect or missing, make sure this information is updated in the HR-system. The changes should automatically be sourced into Pure. If this does not happen correctly, contact the Pure Support Team.

  • Affiliations to a research institute or research program

Common practice is that this type of affiliation is submitted by your local Pure manager for entry in Pure by the University Library. If data are incorrect or missing, ask your local Pure manager to forward your request to the University Library Pure administrators.