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Finding data

Company sources

This section presents data sources that collect company data. Examples include data on number of employees, total assets, or R&D expenditures. We also include here sources for data on ownership structures, mergers & acquisitions, and governance data such as executive compensation. The sources mentioned here are licensed sources and can only be used by students or researchers at VU University. Most sources can be accessed from home. If you need instructions on how to gain access you can check the information on the library web site.

The list below presents only the primary sources available at the VU. For a more complete list that also includes some publicly available sources, use the full list of data sources on the library website. More information on these databases can be accessed through the tabs in the menu on the left.

Before you start downloading data from databases it is a good idea to read through the Libguide on Working with data.

Data Source Description

Amadeus provides extensive financial information on approximately 300.000 European large or very large companies. The database also contains basic information on 9 million small or medium European companies. Both listed and unlisted companies are included. Information on shareholders, subsidiaries and board members is also included. Amadeus does not contain data on banks or insurance companies!

A collection of databases with company data. This includes Compustat ExecuComp which contains extensive data on salaries and compensations of executives. Compustat Global provides financial and market data on more than 80 countries. Compustat North America contains financial information active and inactive public companies from America and Canada.

Datastream is an international database with time series data such as stock exchange data, official company data, credit ratings and macro-economic information. Through the Datastream Navigator you can also search the databases I/B/E/S/ (Institutional Brokers Estimates System) and ASSET4 ESG. Annual report data comes from Worldscope.

Access requires specific Datastream software that is only available on specific computers on campus.

This database consists of three modules.

US and Non-US Mergers & Acquisitions
This source allows researching of US targets from 1979 and non-US targets from 1985.
Global New Issues (equities and bonds)
This source provides research on US public offerings from 1970 to the present and international offerings from 1983 to present.
Venture Capital (VentureXpert)
Industry resources (funds, firms, portfolio companies, individuals) & Industry Statistics.

Access requires specific SDC software that is only available on two specific computers in the library.

The database contains Mergers & Acquisitions and Initial Public Offerings deals with links to financial company information. It covers the last fifteen years and currently includes 1.500.000 deals involving companies worldwide.